Friday, 11 July 2014

Precautions while buying Flats and apartments in Kolkata

In India, times tough for luxury home / flat developers. Residential apartments in India are typically sold before they are fully constructed. Real estate industry is fast growing nowadays in India many wants to make luxury designer homes/flats in India. There is very demand able nowadays to make urban style interior and design of home/apartment.

Residential property in Kolkata is gaining its competitive edge as many people are looking for the apartments and flats with multi benefits and status of modern projects. Where the medium searching property in Kolkata also multiplied, online search engine makes easy to find short listing criteria. Agents are easy to contact with in the process of finding apartment in Kolkata.

Go through these steps and the property  at Kolkata  find easy.

 Try to find safe builder or agent

Apartments/flats in Kolkata are with so many options there available. To make right choice there has to be certain standard which make it simple. Properties in Kolkata are not tough to find, but  the projects done with right material and have no such problem of routine things like water supply, safety etc.

 Future value of property

Who interested in purchasing flat in Kolkata for either for living point or an investment point  would be think on property as future view too. To make estimate from past value as per area and u can easily find the future value will increase or not.

  Buy apartments from rent parties in queue

This is as per an investment point and in short period of time and investment also proves to be a safe one. Here many real-estate consultancy company in Kolkata which helps to give flats and apartments on rent in Kolkata. So it is secure, can know about rental people. By doing contract with this kind of rental company gives security of having good people.

Now here is the precautions which people should know while buying property.

§   Be aware of promotional literature as it is entice you to buy property. There is no negatives presents so it’s your duty to believe it or not. Go further after getting all idea about the property and builder.
§   Read builder contract full. And be clarifying any point that you don’t understand.
§   The discussion you want to do with your family and agent can be had in private. The builder could know your information and take advantage of it.
§   Make sure for asking builder’s warranty and check what it covers and what is exclude from the warranty.
§   Get total amenities from builder and check all things like maintenance condition, parking spaces, etc . clarify all points before the sale or buy.
§   Compare the builders financing options to the other options in the market. Make full study of interest rates and a comparison of penalty and all.
§Make record of the plan and keep a copy of it with you too so that you are sure of what you getting. The list should contain the specifications of the finishes and material.
§   While completing the deal, pay the balance amount and make sure to take key after it . only after the complete check and a walk through along with the builders association and close the deal with sign off.

You have right to ask the questions which you have in your mind about the property, flat, apartment you want to buy. Ask them questions which will led them to explain about the property for sell. What you want is there available there when you see the flat on sell. Check the structural details like roofing, plumbing, electrical wiring, fences, corners, internal wall, doors etc.
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Here is the points which can help you to take precautions while buy properties like flats and apartments on sell or on rent.